Don’t Hold Me Back

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Don’t Hold Me Back is a story about an artist Winfred Rembert who painted the pictures for this book about his life. It is edited and compiled by Charles and Rosalie Baker and Jock Reynolds. It also starts with a poem by Nikki Giovanni.

This is a story about a painter who grew up in the south on a cotton plantation and took part in the civil rights movement. He details what it was like to live in his home town in his art and through his interviews. Due to his involvement with civil rights, he was arrested and sent to prison, which helped him to make something of his life with art. His book nicely displays the beauty in his style of art. I enjoyed the part about his childhood, where he told of the many toy inventions that he made and trade with his friends and neighbors. This is a useful book for looking at life in the south for African-Americans coming off of slavery and moving into the civil rights movement. It gives one a good sense of their culture and the huge impact that slavery had on the African-Americans.

-Anne Kehoe-


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