Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Genre: Realistic Fiction Chapter Book

Grade Level: 3-5

Publishing Date: 1991

Awards/Honors: Newbery Medal 1992

Summary: Marty Preston is a young boy who stumbles across a lost beagle one day in his backyard. He names the beagle Shiloh and decides to take him in as his dog. When Marty finds out that Shiloh actually belongs to the alcoholic dog-abuser Judd Travers, he must figure out a way to keep Shiloh away from him and adopt him as his own. 

Review: This is a very realistic story about friendship and good versus evil. This would be a great book to read to students in a classroom. The moral of the tale is friendship and perseverance against evil and those morals are great to teach to student’s through a book about a boy and his dog. I would read this book to my students because many children can relate to having a dog as their best friend, like Marty. This is also a Newbery Medal winner and I believe this book deserved to win. Shiloh really pulls on readers “heart-strings,” especially mine when I read it. 

-Kelsey Wilson


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