Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing


Judy Blume, in my perspective, is a genius when she writes from the child’s point of view.    She truly understands what the child is feeling in that particular moment. As for this young reader chapter book, meant for a third grade reading level, Judy Blume entertains the reader with the ups and downs of what it is like growing up with a little brother and being the example, but also being seen as a maturing child. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is the being of a series of children’s chapter books that include the two main characters Peter Warren Hatcher and Farley Drexel “Fudge” Hatcher. They learn what it means about family, growing up, and brotherhood or what it means to be siblings. This goes especially for Fudge as he is looking more and more to his big brother for guidance instead of his parents. Peter on the other hand is also maturing in regards to taking ownership and responsibility for his pet turtle dribble, homework assignments, and by choosing to set the example for his brother.

Reading this book, I was thinking back to my childhood as a young girl and always being the example for my baby brother, at the time, and never wanting to do what mother asked of me, but I did it anyway to make everyone happing including myself. As a new and up in coming teacher, the knowledge of this particular book can help a student who is struggling with being a sibling in a big family or small family. It can help that child understand what it means to grow up and become responsible and reliable to not only parents and adults, like teachers, but also to younger sibling – showing what family looks like. It is not always pretty and it definitely has challenges, especially when your pet turtle gets eaten by your baby brother, but it is worth it in the end – family counts more than a replaceable turtle.


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